Our values

Complete project management
Quick response
Customer service

Human relationships in front of everything

We are a metal industry, made up of engineers, salespeople, factory workers and administrative staff, but we have never forgotten to cultivate human relationships and attach great importance to the atmosphere in the company.

We perceive ourselves as one close-knit team and this allows for shared responsibility and dialogue among the different departments.

The project manager interfaces with the customer and is its sole point of reference, but behind there is a working group that takes on requests and solves problems quickly and with great flexibility.

This very responsive organization allows us to meet the needs of the most important customers in the world market.

The Project

A key figure in the “global service” we use at Mechanica is the project manager, who follows all phases of the job order, from quotations to design, from the construction and assembly stages to delivery, and is the single point of contact for after-sales and maintenance relationships as well.

This results in faster and more accurate responses.

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