12 September 2023

Mechanica believes in sustainability!

In an era when climate change is not just a distant theory but a real problem to deal with every single day, it is necessary that […]
26 September 2022

New LinkedIn Page

A quick and interactive tool to learn more about Mechanica Ltd. is to subscribe to the new Company Linkedin Page! With the goal of keeping its […]
26 September 2022

The staff of Mechanica Ltd. welcomes you to the new Official Web Site!

Always an excellent communications tool for telling customers about its production reality, Mechanica Ltd.’s Web Site aims to provide all the information necessary to fully comprehend […]
3 August 2022

The Mechanica Ltd. family is looking for new members!

The company plans to expand the staffing of its departments, adding new members to its teams. Applications, therefore, are officially open for all interested persons: young […]